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Saturday, September 22, 2012

July Fun

July was yet another fun filled month. We were caught up in Olympics fever, the school year came to an end, Mandy celebrated her birthday with her friends here and we readied ourselves for our summer trip home. Here are a few pictures, highlighting some of the fun!!

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show
I love going to Hampton Court! The grounds are 
beautiful even on the dreariest of London days.

Close up of a few flowers

This was a ornamental flower made of glass!

These were made completely of flowers.

Ryan's end of the year class field trip to Kew Gardens!!! 
What a cute group!!

Love when we get to see the peacock in the gardens!

Amazing to see them up in the trees with those heavy tail feathers.

David Nash art in the Gardens

Tom and Ryan...BFF's

Seeing as Mandy's birthday is in August, and we are typically back in Connecticut, we celebrate it the day after school gets out in July. This year we had 10 girls for afternoon tea. It was a great afternoon, filled with lots of snacks, giggles and VERY loud hand clapping games!!! Overall a great time for Miss Mandy!

Here is the crew...Starting with Mandy and going clockwise: Alessandra, Imogen, Molly, Danielle, Molly, Maia, Jada and Molly...Yep, you read that right...3 Mollys at one party!!!

We used real tea cups, thanks to my friend Katie, and all but 2 of the girls actually drank tea!!

The Birthday Girl

Make a wish!

Mandy and Danielle 

Aiden with two of the Mollys

Present time!

All the girls again...This time Charlotte is in the picture!

So those are some of the highlights from the month, other than the Olympic activities, which was deserving of it's own post! Looking forward to the trip home and introducing Aiden to all of our family and friends back in the States!!!

***Just realized that I never actually posted this. It has been saved as a draft for the last two months...Ooops!!!***