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Friday, December 24, 2010


Merry Christmas everyone!   We made the trip to Connecticut in the early hours last Saturday.  
There really is no place like home, especially during the Holidays.
Heather, Keith, Mandy and Ryan

Sunday, December 12, 2010

December in London

The holiday spirit is alive and well in London!!! Everywhere you  look there are Christmas lights and displays, there are nightly carols being sung at the churches, Holiday fairs at the schools...The snow brought with it LOTS of excitement from the children, especially those from Australia, New Zealand, India who have never seen it before.  We went to the tree lighting in Richmond Center on Thanksgiving weekend and we went into London last weekend to see the lights on Regent and Oxford Streets. While it looked beautiful, it still didn't have the same charge and electricity flowing though it the way New York City does at Christmas time. Check out this link that has pictures of the city with it's snowy weather and holiday lights.

We have less than a week before our first trip home. We are very excited to head back to Connecticut to see family and friends, to share our experiences and stories with you face to face, for you to hear Mandy speak with her British accent and to feel the comforts of home for a little while.

These first few months have taught me a lot. I am so incredibly proud of the four of us for all that we have accomplished in our time here thus far. The kids are thriving in school and making friends, Keith is pushing through the obstacles at work and slowly moving the company in the right direction and me... well, I am breaking out of my comfort zone and trying things I never imagined....

Father Christmas and the Mayor of Richmond

Snowy Days

Heading to the tube station

Richmond Roundabout

On the Tube


Sights of Regent and Oxford Streets

Hamley's Store Window

Tree in Trafalgar Square

Mandy & Keith at Darell School Holiday Fair

Mandy with her Friends, Rustum, Anushka and Molly

Happy Holidays from our Family to yours!!!