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Friday, February 25, 2011

Get a cup of's a long one!!

I have been very bad at writing updates lately, and for that I apologize. We have had a very busy two months since returning from our Christmas Holiday in Connecticut...

The kids are loving school and learning so much. They have playdates at least once a week and seem to really be making some great friends here. Mandy participated in a six week Art Club at school and created some pretty impressive drawings, she even made a clay necklace!! Ryan is excited each morning for school and comes home each day with a big smile, singing songs he has learned. I have been busy with all my lady friends, we go for coffee or shopping in the mornings after drop off. I recently volunteered to work in Mandy's class one hour a week and was also asked to be the room parent for Ryan's Nursery class.

So in addition to everyday life, we have also been doing our share of sight seeing and travel. We have gone into London and seen the Tower of London, taken a ride on the London Eye and gone on the open top bus tour through the city. We celebrated Keith's birthday, welcomed Kelley, Rick and Mia to our house and Mandy and I went to our first offical tea time with the ladies. Just this last week, Chris came for a visit and we went to Windsor Castle and made a brief trip to Ireland. Next weekend Keith, the kids and I are off to Paris!!  While I am sure you would all love to read the novel I could write about everything, I will just let the pictures tell the story!!

  Ryan with his BFF Freddie!!

 Mandy Playing with her Friend Louie at Kew Gardens.

Playing at Kew Gardens

 Our Favorite Ducks at Kew Gardens

 Happy Birthday Keith!!!!

Our Day at The Tower Of London (1/29/11)

 Tower Bridge

 Mandy Trying on the Old Battle Helmet....VERY Heavy

By far my favorite shot of the day!

 We came across this on our walk back to the Tube...
You have to pay £.50 to get the door to close!!

 Tubing home!

Tea Time with Kelley, Mia, Ali and Kaylee at The Landmark Hotel

 Miss Mia back at our house.

A few shots from the London Eye

 Training Home

 Chilling out at home with Mia

Our Day around London With Chris

 Trafalger Square

 Big Ben and the Parliment

 Being goofy while trying to stay warm!

 Saint Paul's Cathedral

 Buckingham Palace

Windsor Castle
The castle is about 900 years old and is the oldest occupied castle to date. It sits right in the middle of this adorable little community and has a Starbucks and McDonald's right outside the gates!! Unfortunately you are unable to take photos inside the castle...but it is AMAZING inside!!!!!

 View from the highway.

 Cute shops and cafes inside

 Gotta love her spirit!

 Listening to Prince Charles narrate his walk.

I Spy a Plane in the Sky!!

Kew Gardens with Uncle Chris

Our trip to Ireland
Chris and I took the kids to Galway Ireland to visit with David and Cathy (Keith and Chris's uncle and aunt). We landed in Dublin and then took the bus ride to Galway. We had no idea that the bus ride would be three hours, but we made the most of it and admired the green hillsides and the many, many sheep along the way. Galway is an adorable little town and truly is right out of an Irish storybook. The people are extremely friendly, the pubs are sooooo authentic and as Chris would tell you, the Guinness is much better!!! I look forward to another trip back with Keith and the kids where we can spend more time and take in more of this beautiful country.

The next two shots are right outside David and Cathy's flat

These are all pictures of Galway's town center

 Mandy was intrigued by the street performers and decided to try it she danced to some Irish music, David and I began tossing a few pence her way!!

 Happy Chris!

 Mandy Loved Irish Cuisine...She tried Vegetable Puree soup, Shepard's Pie, Irish Stew and Fish and Chips

 Ryan...not so thrilled...

 Mandy wanted me to take this picture for you's a hair salon!!!

 Just being silly!

 Hanging out with a local street performer!!

After lunch, Cathy and I took the kids to the Aquarium and playground while Chris and David went off to explore the coastline.

 Had to hold the 15 year old Crab!

 Cold Water!!!!

 Touching the StingRays.

Mandy's first Baby-chino!!!

Pictures Chris Took of the Coast....

I hope you enjoyed all the stories and pictures from the last two months. We are truly enjoying our time and travels and hope you all are having fun on the journey with us! I promise to be better with the updates!!!

Until next time!!!
Slan Agut (Good Bye in Irish Gaelic)