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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stonehenge and Bath

July 9 & 10

In an attempt to explore some of the areas closer to our home here in Richmond, we decided to head to Bath UK for a weekend get away. On our way there we took a little detour and went to see Stonehenge which is only about an hour and a half from where we live. Stonehenge itself is not all that exciting. There are huge rocks in the middle of a huge open field. When we were driving there the GPS literally showed a single road with absolutely nothing on either side. The quote of the morning definitely went to Ryan, who said " Awww man!! We drove here to see rocks!"

What is impressive about Stonehenge is the story and history behind it. When you read about how long it has been there, how it got there and the phases in which it was completed...that's what makes it impressive! Here are a few links that will help explain it's history.

We hopped back in the car and drove another 45 minutes to Bath. Love, Love, Love Bath!! Adorable city with amazing shops, architecture, history and food!!! Bath is a city in the county of Somerset in south west England. It is situated 97 miles west of London. The city was first established as a spa by the Romans in AD 43. They built baths and a temple on the surrounding hills of Bath in the valley of the River Avon around the hot springs.  Here is a link with more history of the city.,_Somerset

What I loved most about Bath is that it is such a small, walkable city. You can absolutely get lost in it's history and beauty. I took the time to go see the Roman Baths, The Jane Austen Centre and do some shopping, while Keith and the kids spent a few hours playing at Royal Victoria Park Playground. Great, great weekend!!

Pulteney Bridge

Bath Abbey

Roman Baths

Sally Lunn's

Jane Austen Centre

Here are some amazing views of the countryside on our drive home.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Darell Summer Fair

Saturday July 2 was the annual Summer Fair at Mandy & Ryan's School. We had wonderful weather and a great turn out of people. There was a stage set up, which allowed for different performances by a band, school choir, karate class, magician, drumming club and Zoomba instructor. The day ended with a staff vs. parents netball game.  Here are some pictures of the day!

Toy Stall

Tombola Stall 

Cake Stall

Pimms and BBQ
(Yes Alcohol is allowed at school functions here)

Silent Auction Hampers...each had a theme...
Highest bid for the Pamper Hamper was £75
Darell Karate Boys



Zoomba Instructor 

Crowd trying out Zoomba

Teacher vs Parents Netball Game

Friday, July 1, 2011

June Fun...

The month of June went by so quickly! While we didn't do any traveling this month, we had lots to do around here. We went to the Natural History Museum, Mandy had her last Tee Ball game of the season, Father's Day for Keith, Ryan's Birthday, a dinner visit from cousin Marty, Mandy went on two school field trips into the city, and a picnic in Kew Gardens.

Natural History Museum  June 2, 2011

Beautiful Building

This Dinosaur was right in the main entrance...
we walked in and Ryan said, "Look Mom, a Diplidocus!"
He was right!

Giant T-Rex

Ryan in front of his favorite dinosaur...the Triceratops

He loved all the animal bones!

Mandy preferred the more life like animals!

"I feel short mom!"

We love the butterfly Sanctuaries.

Mandy's Last Tee Ball Game June 10, 2011

Warming up with Dad

Always Posing!

What focus!

Runs like a Gazelle!

She's Ready

See...Posing again!!

Good Hit Mandy!!

Getting her Trophy

Proud Daddy & Mommy

Showing off their Awards!

Father's Day  June 19, 2011

Father's Day was very different this year as compared to years passed. Typically Keith would run in the Branford Festival Road Race while we cheered him on, then we would head up to the Green for lunch. This year, we made Keith breakfast at home, gave him a few presents and then headed to Barnes with two other families for a little Cricket on the Green followed by dinner.

The card Ryan made for Keith...Looks just like him!!

Keith and Mandy,
Sam with Georgia and Jack,
Dave with Charlotte and Tom (center)

Ryan's Birthday June 21, 2011

Ryan's birthday was a week long extravaganza this year. He brought cupcake to school on his actual birthday which fell on a Tuesday. Keith was traveling that day, so we waited until Thursday night to take him to dinner, have cake and give him his presents, then he had a few friends over for his birthday party on Saturday...Lucky kid gets another party with family and friends when we go back to Connecticut in August!!

"I'm 4 now!"

Opening his new Scooter!

A new Ben 10 Figure from Mandy

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Ben 10 Party Cake

So excited for his party!! Hey, that shirt looks familiar!

Mandy, Ryan, Freddie & Bijan

Having fun opening presents

Freddie's having fun!

Mandy Too!

Blowing out candles again!

Field trip to Festival Hall  June 28, 2011

Mandy's Class is reading Iron Man by Ted Hughs. Here is a link which explains the book...
Every subject they study is somehow tied into the story they are currently reading, even music. Our trip to Festival Hall was to hear the London Philharmonic Orchestra play music similar to that discussed in the book. It was great day, despite getting SOAKED on the walk back to school from the train station! Here is a cute picture of Mandy and Molly during our picnic lunch at the base of the London Eye!

Kew Gardens  June 30, 2011

The kids did not have school on Thursday because the teacher's were on strike that day in an attempt to protect their pensions from the proposed changes being made. In any was a beautiful day and we decided to join four other moms and their kids for a picnic in Kew Gardens.

We love feeding the ducks and geese!

The kids love this big tree...great for hiding and branch swinging.
They look so little under it!

So that is the month of June in a nutshell!!
In case you missed them on Facebook, here are the kids' school pictures...
Pretty cute if I do say so myself!!!