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Sunday, September 19, 2010

YAY!!! More Pictures

Keith sent along more pictures today!!!

The top left picture is a view from our front door,
the other shots are sights around our neighborhood

Hahahaha! --->


These are pictures of the kids' school, Darell Primary School.
The one below is a neighborhood park.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some new shots!

Keith left for London on Sunday night. He got off the plane and walked right into a three day sales meeting...wasting no time getting into it! On Wednesday afternoon he was able to get the keys to the house, unfortunately it is completely empty so he can't move in until we get some beds ordered!!! That's on my list today! Here are a few pictures he took of the first floor....

We were also notified that our air shipment will be arriving at customs today so hopefully by Monday or Tuesday of next week it can be delivered to the house. We were able to get most of our clothes, kitchen, bedding and bath supplies on that shipment plus the ever so important Barbie Dolls and Trains!!! The sea shipment will be arriving at customs on October 16th so we hope that won't be delayed too long before delivery.

Keith will be home for a quick visit September 24-26 and then will come home again on October 8 to make the flight with the kids and I on October 11...Crazy huh?

Stay tuned, I will post more pictures when and if they arrive!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Day of Many Emotions...

So the moving company came five hours they managed to pack, inventory and load all the items that took me about 3 weeks to organize!! It was a whirl wind day filled with a variety of emotions... stress, sadness, excitement, but at the end of it all, relief that it's done. 

Keith leaves on's going to be a weird month for us. He will be figuring out his new job and organizing house details in London, while I maintain a routine for the kids and organize house details I said weird....Anyway off to have a glass of wine!!! Cheers!